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Patternmaster Choke Tubes Black Cloud Benelli Crio/Beretta Opt Plus 12ga Product Catalogue

Please note due to varying stock levels and high volume of sales some orders placed may have to be shipped direct from the U.S. This will create a longer delivery time usually 9-10 days depending on your location in the world. Please feel free to contact us for further shipping information and any other queries you may have all E-mails will be answered promptly.  

12ga-Benelli-Crio/Beretta-Optima-Plus-Black-Cloud-FULL £94.00 12ga-Benelli-Crio/Beretta-Optima-Plus-Black-Cloud-IMPROVED-CYLINDER £94.00 12ga-Benelli-Crio/Beretta-Optima-Plus-Black-Cloud-MODIFIED £94.00