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Patternmaster Choke Tubes Black Cloud Invector/Win 12ga & 20ga Product Catalogue

Please note due to varying stock levels and high volume of sales some orders placed may have to be shipped direct from the U.S. This will create a longer delivery time usually 9-10 days depending on your location in the world. Please feel free to contact us for further shipping information and any other queries you may have all E-mails will be answered promptly.  

12ga-Invector/Win-Choke-Black-Cloud-FULL £94.00 12ga-Invector/Win-Choke-Black-Cloud-IMPROVED-CYLINDER £94.00 12ga-Invector/Win-Choke-Black-Cloud-MODIFIED £94.00 20ga-Invector/Win-Choke-Black-Cloud-FULL £94.00
20ga-Invector/Win-Choke-Black-Cloud-IMPROVED-CYLINDER £94.00 20ga-Invector/Win-Choke-Black-Cloud-MODIFIED £94.00