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Remington Gun Cleaning Kit Mat - 10" x 12" - Machine Washable - (Small)


Remington Gun Cleaning Mat - 10" x 12" - Machine Washable 

 Ideal for use on table tops or benches for easy gun cleaning. Soft, acrylic surface material that won't scratch guns or tabletops and helps keep small parts from rolling away. Absorbent top material traps and holds up to eight times its weight in fluids, while a non-slip vinyl bottom forms a barrier to prevent spilled fluids from soaking through. Remington Green color. Fully machine-washable. Absorbent yet waterproof and stain resistant. Soft acrylic material won't scratch your guns or table; non-slip vinyl backing prevents spilled fluids from soaking through. Remarkable, non-woven acrylic material absorbs 8 times its weight in fluids, trapping spills so they won't reach your table. Plush surface stops small parts from rolling away and getting lost; works great for other small jobs such as reel repair, toy assembly, etc. Rounded corners for a finished look. Heavy-Duty double-stitched edges will take years of punishment. Specifications: - Size: 10" x 12"- Color: Green

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